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What is the Lloydshare Press Room? What, indeed, is Lloydshare?

 Lloydshare Limited Incorporated has been working over two decades to support lasting loyalty and all-round success within the Vacation Ownership Industry. Lloydshare wants to understand how life changes impact on vacationing and in particular the changeable use people put to their Vacation Club Membership.


We eagerly press our clients for information, with regular surveys and market research inquiries, and we will seek to share your news and feedback in a data-safe de-personalized form as often as you let us!

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The Lloydshare Press Room wants to hear from you about
your vacationing experiences!

We don’t print your experiences here on the Lloydsharepressroom website, as there is a risk we would soon become a focus for complaints. You get to speak to us ‘privately’! You can even write to the Lloydshare Press Room anonymously – and feel free to use an avatar!

We do not undertake to resolve individual complaints or become involved unless our own clients are involved – and our clients know that the right place to send information about any concerns with a resort is our International Customer Service Team.

What we do at the Lloydshare Press Room is gather accounts and experiences from all vacationers and tourists. 

We monitor trends, we listen to how people are feeling about vacationing, and what’s important to them as years pass and their personal priorities change. The capacity to change one’s taste in vacationing is absolutely key for Lloydshare, as we use depersonalized market research information to help direct strategy in the Vacation Ownership Industry.


How does Lloydshare do this?

We have a consultative branch, Lloydshare Consulting, which helps Vacation Resorts refine their approach, to move away from outdated ‘hard-sell’ methods that so many tourists can find off-putting and engage instead with what vacationers truly find appealing and tempting when taking a long-term choice about vacationing. It’s the interest we take in real people that earned us GNEX Magazine’s Best Strategic Partner Award in 2022!

Lloydshare wants to hear about your fun times as well as your concerns, whether you’re a Lloydshare client or not! If you have a story to tell, just want to blow off steam, want to share a favorite vacationing experience, to tell us about that beautiful view, that luxurious hotel room, or that fabulous meal, write to us here at the Lloydshare Press Room.
It’s great to share!

We invite the submission of news and opinions about any aspect of the Vacation Industry to Lloydshare’s press room website, and there is always room for another vacation ownership story! All we ask is your agreement to share your stories is in a de-personalized form, because when Lloydshare speaks, the Industry Listens!

So please go ahead! Use our Press Room Facility to air your views and share your opinions.

Let’s talk and get a conversation started– tell us how you’re feeling about how Covid is affecting Vacationing, for example?

Lloydshare Press Room looks forward to hearing from you!

And if you want to know more about Lloydshare itself – take a look at our main website HERE.